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Clarkston High School

Dekalb County Schools

Access Testing Information

January 9, 2024


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS for ELs is administered, annually, to all English learners in Georgia. ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS for ELs is a standards-based, criterion referenced English language proficiency test designed to measure English learners’ social and academic proficiency in English. It assesses social and instructional English, as well as the language associated with language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies within the school context across the four language domains. 

ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS for ELs meets the federal requirements that mandate states to evaluate EL students in grades K through 12 on their progress in learning to speak English.  Additionally, the ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS for ELs is used to determine the English language proficiency levels and progress of ELs in the domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS for ELs serves five main purposes. These are: 

  • determining the English language proficiency level of students,
  • providing districts with information that will help them evaluate the effectiveness of their ESOL programs,
  • providing information that enhances instruction and learning in programs for English language learners,
  • assessing annual English language proficiency gains using a standards-based assessment instrument, and
  • providing data for meeting federal and state requirements with respect to student assessment.

Our school will administer the ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS as indicated below:

ACCESS Testing Dates/Schedule

January 16, 2024- March 1, 2024

Part I   Listening/Reading

Jan. 16th -Jan 30th 

Part 1 Make ups

Feb 1st and 2nd 

Part II Speaking/Writing

Feb 5th-20th 

Part 2 Make ups

Feb 21st – 29th









Every EL student enrolled in our school is expected to take the ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS.  


If you have questions regarding any aspect of testing, please contact the school at 678.676.5314.




Pattie Lemelle