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Are Your Students on Track for Future Success?
Involve parents while helping students with their academic development
Based on our decades of research in secondary and post-secondary college readiness, we have developed ACT Engage® Grades 6-9 and ACT Engage Grades 10-12. For years, schools have been using these non-cognitive assessments as trusted resources to identify attitudes and behaviors that, if overlooked, can negatively impact a student’s future success. Now for the first time, students and parents can purchase ACT Engage directly and gain valuable insights and actionable feedback on how they can improve.

In just 30 minutes, students have a detailed report on their academic discipline, commitment to schoolwork, and other behaviors and attitudes that you can use to help them plan for a successful future. When a student shares their results with you, you can use it as a starting point for conversations on:

  • How much effort they put into their schoolwork
  • How much they strive to follow through with their commitments
  • How likely they are to obtain a diploma and continue their education
  • And much more!

Students and parents can now purchase ACT Engage directly for students to take on their own, providing everyone with a complete checkup of the student’s academic and behavioral growth.

Help your students (and their parents!) take the next steps toward future success.
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